Event Photos 2013

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all nomineesNominee SkinnerNominee Graynominee Mielcarek
Nominee NifongNominee McNearyNominee KassonNominee Miller
Nominee Pina ThomasNominee BurressNominee Traylornominee Dumont
Nominee Enochnominee Jewell

all luminariesLuminary DumontLuminary NifongLuminary Burress
Luminary JewellLuminary SkinnerLuminary Traylor

1303_NightingaleEvent_001Speaker Karren Kowalski1303_NightingaleEvent_019Memorial Hospital nominees
Children's Hospital tablemusiciansPikes Peak tableMike Madson with Karren Kowalski
1303_NightingaleEvent_002Penrose nominees and supporters1303_NightingaleEvent_032Chaplain Gill with MC
BethEl TableJoyce VernonAF Academy tableMike Madson
Pina-Thomas and Cozier1303_NightingaleEvent_052children's nomineeMemorial Hospital table
1303_NightingaleEvent_025Miller and DumontLola Fehr1303_NightingaleEvent_009