Nomination Form

The Luminaries (regional level) and Nightingale Award winners (state level) will be from one of each of the following six categories/areas of recognition:

Category I: Nurses in Clinical Practice
A.  Leadership
B.  Advocacy
C.  Innovation

Category II:  Administrators, Educators, Researchers, and Non-Traditional Practice Roles
A.  Leadership
B.  Advocacy
C.  Innovation

The nominator and nominee must select the category and area of recognition. An individual may be nominated in only one category each year.

When writing your nomination please be specific and include numbers or percentages when possible (i.e. this nurse reduced length of stay by 50% for over 400 patients).  Demonstrating outcomes is key.  Ask yourself if it passes the “so what” test… he/she did this AND this is why it was important.   Letters of recommendation should speak to the criteria in the nomination, again using specifics if possible and possibly bringing out facts that were not included in the nomination.  The two letters should be used to build upon the nomination and should not merely repeat what has already been stated.  

Nightingale Award Nomination Form is available HERE.  When complete, please sign and send to:

Karen Sublett MS, RN, ACNS-BC, OCN
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology
Penrose Hospital
2222 N. Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Desk Phone: 719-776-6382
Portable Phone: 719-776-6385
Fax: 719-776-5401